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We can design, build, and/or install a custom piece of machinery to solve your most vexing manufacturing problems. It can be automated, mechanized, or hand operated.

Large removable banner frame and support design, The Ballpark at Arlington

Designed and delivered a system using air bearings to precisely locate Carts in an ASRS input avoiding substantial facility redesignRaw Resin Dispensing and Tumbling System

Performed complete design and installation of automated machine

Automatically dispenses material and lubricant and then tops canister

Product is tumbled for low shear mixing

Automatic Polishing Machine for Jewelry Internal Surface

Creative design polishes the internal surface of rings

Machine tolerates “out of round” conditions as well as large size variations

Customizable controls provided for process development

Tube Filling and Verifying Texas

Radiation certified installation

Handling and inspection of .007” ID tubes.

Metered and dispensed material filling the tubes

Easily maintained design for use inside a radiation glove box