Railcar Unloading and Supersack Loading Facility

New building and slab housing and under-car conveyor

Transfer Conveyor to Supersack loader

Reset the RR Track and obtained all necessary permits from the Railroad

Raw Silicone Billet Handling

Designed queuing and feed system to supply billet to a molding press

Auto loading of feed conveyor from queuing conveyor

Extracts billet from press to avoid jams

Graphite Block Handling and Trim System

Receives large (2’ x 6’) graphite blocks and provides queue

Automatic centering and simultaneous trim of both sides and then both ends

Horizontal Chain Conveyor for a Powder Spray System

Three sections, Spray Booth, Oven, and Cooling Tunnel, with independent controls

Integrated transfers to avoid part shifting or vibration

Brass and UHMW chain tracks

Silo Level Sensing System Retrofit

Designed and installed a retrofit system to detect and report levels in 10 powder and liquid silos

Complete interface with existing equipment and automatic inventory system

Steel conveyors for handling hot forgings